Case Studies

Organized team chat

For distributed teams of all sizes.

What makes Zulip different

People often tell us that traditional team chat tools (Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc.) feel chaotic and stressful.

Zulip is designed around conversations that are labeled with topics, to make communication organized and efficient. It’s easy to get an overview of what conversations are happening, and to read one conversation at a time.

Zulip’s threading model makes it so much easier to manage my team… As a leader, in just a few minutes I can get an overview over what’s going on and see where my attention is needed.
Case study with Gaute Lund, co-founder of iDrift AS

Switching to Zulip isn’t hard.

Zulip offers a convenient cloud solution, with features to make your users and IT team happy. Import your data and integrations from Slack and other products.

Your data is yours!

For ultimate control and compliance, self-host Zulip’s 100% open-source software, with easy installation and upgrades.