Get public temporary URL


Get a temporary URL for access to the file that doesn't require authentication.

Changes: New in Zulip 3.0 (feature level 1).

Usage examples

curl -sSX GET -G \


realm_id_str integer required in path

Example: 1

The realm ID.

filename string required in path

Example: "4e/m2A3MSqFnWRLUf9SaPzQ0Up_/zulip.txt"

Path to the URL.


Return values

  • url: string

    A temporary URL that can be used to access the uploaded file without Zulip's normal API authentication.

Example response(s)

Changes: As of Zulip 7.0 (feature level 167), if any parameters sent in the request are not supported by this endpoint, a successful JSON response will include an ignored_parameters_unsupported array.

A typical successful JSON response may look like:

    "msg": "",
    "result": "success",
    "url": "/user_uploads/temporary/322F32632F39765378464E4C63306D3961396F4970705A4D74424565432F7A756C69702E7478743A316A5053616A3A3938625F44393446466D37357254315F4F414C425A4553464F6A55"